Preliminary Research (a brief) - provide insights – non-traditional insights

Arbitration cases such as the JEFF MATHIS one

  Agent BB Abbott of Jet Sports Management
( Emailed us 2/20/10 at 2:38 am, “ Thanks again, Marc. Without you we DON’T WIN this case. Just an awesome job. Thanks again”

Negotiations with Management


Includes FA situations such as the JAMEY CARROLL one
Agent Jonathan Maurer of MSM Sports (
Emailed us 12/16/09 at 9:10 pm, “ Great work by you.  Oakland offered Us 2 years as well but playing for Torre was a big factor. Thanks, my friend.”
Includes DRAFT DELIBERATIONS such as ETHAN MARTIN for Abbot;  REESE HAVENS for Myles Shoda,  BRETT DEVALL for Andrew Mongelluzzi…all 1st Rounders!

Soliciting new clients (distinguish, project salaries in future, start courting, business advantage

Educating clients and prospects alike (value added – reinforce the investment strategy for the selection of stocks for players– Educational Meeting –state of baseball – revenues – competition (more than clients)