Joe and Brett Bick of ProStar ( and will verify our contributions to their YOUKILIS contract negotiations as well as their MATT GUERRIER ones.  The Bicks are appreciative of our initiative and passion in trying to help some of their younger players such as ELI WHITESIDE and CHRIS DENORFIA get their big break.
BB Abbott has employed us on a host of matters including the CHIPPER JONES extension as well as the 2-year deals he recently secured for JONATHAN BROXTON and NICK MASSET.
Myles Shoda , Andrew Mongelluzzi,  Blake Corosky,  Mark Rodgers and several other prominent.
Representatives that insist upon confidentiality have contracted for our services as well.

We innovate criteria to support our clients cases. An example is our INVENTION of MAINTAINs. A “Maintain” is similar to a “hold” but occurs when a reliever maintains, either a “tie game” or a “deficit of 3 or less runs.” This criteria has proved to be extremely valuable for “set up relievers” on losing teams who do not get the opportunities for “holds” that pitchers on winning teams experience. This is just one illustration of the way RayRubin operates creatively on behalf of its clients.

We predict the FUTURE!!! Look for JOE THATCHER, DOUG MATHIS, NEFTALI FELIZ and EHREN WASSERMAN to have breakthrough years!!   WASSERMAN in particular will be another Ex- WHITE SOX set up reliever who much like MASSET of the REDS will blossom for a new team.

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